A Special Honor For Passadore Properties

Feb 2, 2013 | John Telford | No Responses

All Property Management Featured Manager

Passadore Properties is proud to announce we’ve been selected as a winner of All Property Management’s 2012 Visitors’ Choice Award. The companies chosen for the award were selected the most often by visitors to the company’s website, and Passadore Properties is proud to be the only company selected in the Portland Metro area.

“While we’re proud to have been chosen, in some ways, the selection comes as no surprise,” says Passadore Properties President Eddie Passadore. “We work hard to build a reputation as a company that helps people achieve their individual goals, and this award is an extension of that hard work. On the other hand, we don’t invest in marketing the way competing companies do. That means our customers are sharing the word with their friends about the kind of results they can expect from Passadore Properties. I guess the real gratitude goes to our customers. Thanks for promoting the work we do and for this award.”

We’ve affixed the APM Visitors’ Choice Award badge to the front of our website to show others the achievement. For more info about this award, click here. A big thanks to All Property Management.

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