We offer two plans – a conventional plan and an investor plan.

Conventional Plan (8%)

The Conventional Plan is for customers who just want the basics.  We offer the same services as the other company that charge a fee of 8% of the monthly rent.  This plan includes your monthly statements, collection and deposit of rent every month.

Investor Plan (10%)

The Investor Plan is for the customer who does not want to be bothered with the hassles that come with managing properties and wants to leave it to the professionals.  The Investor Plan is a flat management fee of 10% of the monthly rent.  THERE ARE NO HIDDEN OR ADDITIONAL FEES.

This flat fee includes the following services:

There is also a tenant placement fee equal to one half of one month’s rent for both the Conventional and Investor plans.  This fee includes the following services:

Why we recommend the Investor Plan

Owning a rental home is a long-term investment and the extra services included in the Investor Plan are designed to help you protect your investment at a lower cost.  With this plan, you can expect a flat fee of 10% of the rent per month. We are confident you will save money, time, and frustration with this flat and simple fee.  We will be happy to sit down with you and show you how this flat fee of 10% will be lower and simpler than our Conventional Plan or our competitors’ plans.